1st Yun Posun Institute for Democracy - University of Missouri Joint Conference

Institute for Korean Studies
Yun Posun


Opening Remarks

  • Sangkoo Yun (Board Member, Yun Posun Memorial Foundation)
Sangkoo Yun


  • Lael Keiser (Director, Truman School of Government & Public Affairs)
Lael Keiser


Panel 1: The State of Korea's Democracy

  • Won-Taek Kang (Seoul National University), "How Democratic is Korea's Democracy?"
Won-Taek Kang


  • Vanya Krieckhaus (University of Missouri), "South Korea as Outlier: Deepening Democracy During an Era of Globalization."
Vanya Krieckhaus


  • Aram Hur (University of Missouri), "Democratic Ceilings of East Asia: The Long Shadow of Nationalist Polarization."
Aram Hur


Panel 2: Elections and Democratic Politics

  • Yong-Ho Kim (Seoul National University; Asia Center at Yun Posun Institute for Democracy), "Party Politics since South Korea's Democratization in 1987."
Yong-Ho Kim


  • James Endersby (University of Missouri), "Economic Voting and U.S. Presidential Elections: A New Measure of Retrospective Incumbent Performance Evaluations."
James Endersby


  • Gidong Kim & Baekkwan Park (University of Missouri), "Nationalism and Public Perceptions of Redistribution."
Gidong Kim